17 Ways Thrive Architect Trounces The Native WordPress Editor

They told me I couldn’t do it.

They told me its never been done before in the marketing industry.

They said it cannot be done.

Then, I told them.

And here I am writing a post that defies all logic and reason behind what I’ve learned and what markets predict.

This is 2015, If no one is going to create crazy posts like these. Then I take it up as a challenge. I hope you find this article as amusing as I did creating it.


Lets get to the topic now.

As bloggers and content writers, we are expected to not only write great content, but also showcase it in brilliant ways. One tool that has completely bowled me over in recent weeks is Thrive Architect (formerly Thrive Content Builder (see my full review here.)

Here are 17 super good reasons why Thrive Architect beats the default WordPress editor. This plugin is so good it makes a fool out of anyone using the WordPress editor! (You hear that Matt!)

1. You can create visually appealing, perfectly formatted blog posts, pages and landing pages in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

2. You can do all the editing on the front end of the web page itself…no annoying back door coding anymore.

3. You can choose between 3 different style (Flat, Classy & Minimal) families.


4. You can click elements (text, image, buttons, & icons blocks) to add them to the post. Then drag them to any part on the webpage you want to place them.
5. You can create multi styled elements in a flash – example – styled lists with ratings, buttons and icons inside tables.


6. Pricing tables are prebuilt – all you need to do is pick a style, add a color and fill in the figures.

7. You can create your own elements with a unique style and format and save them as templates. You can pull them out of the editor any time you want to include it in a new post.


8. Supports plenty of shortcode elements.


9. Sends you reminders every 10 minutes or so to save your work.


10. Thrive Elements are mobile friendly! They bend, squeeze and fit effortlessly into any device screen.
11. Supports Click to Tweet functionality… your visitors can just click to share important pieces of content on your web page.
12. Giving a 100% Guarantee is a piece of cake with Thrice Content Builder! And you can do it in 4 stylish ways!

13. Don’t bother creating lead pages, welcome pages, thank you pages, or sales pages. Its all in there…ready for use at the tap of a button.

14. Creating animated popups in WP is out of the question. In Thrive Content Builder, you can do timed pop ups & light boxes by selecting a few options – a lazy dog could do this!
15. You can add a stylish Table of Contents (TOC) element to make it easy for your readers to navigate a long page. No plugin required!
16. Beautiful post grids can be created in just under 2 minutes, all with a featured image, text, title and read more link.
17. You can give your promotions more depth and intensity with the ready-to-use Countdown timer.
18. Yes, There is point no 18. This is where you are IMPRESSED and check out thrive content builder. The link is below.

[su_button url=”https://thrivethemes.com/affiliates/ref.php?id=1830_2_3_2″ target=”blank” size=”5″ center=”yes” rel=”nofollow”]Download Your Copy of Thrive Architect Here![/su_button]

Thrive Architect (my full review here) is just part of the complete Thrive Themes package that includes conversion focused themes and various other plugins like the impressive list building plugin Thrives Leads. You can read my review of thrive leads here. Check it out if your aim is to make it big in blogging.

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