How to Drive 1000 New Visitors to Your Blog

To be able to generate new visitors to your blog is a rare skill.

Not every marketer succeeds at bringing in new visitors every day and month of the year.

From experience as a marketer and blogger, I’ve learned that every system has its own trigger points.

The success to generating traffic depends on how well you know the system and how you activate the trigger points to get the desired results your looking for.

StumbleUpon, was and still is one of the those sites that can generate massive traffic to your blogs if used properly.

While I do not see the system favoring marketers or marketing material, you can find creative works getting thousands of traffic and some even going viral.

I believe this is because marketers are not creating the right type popular articles or building the right type of community on StumbleUpon.

It does take time, but eventually with the perfect strategy you will generate traffic in abundance.

Take some time off from your regular blogging and marketing schedule and start studying what it takes to generate traffic from various systems.

I’ve listed out 5 real new visitors generation tips that work like a charm. I’ve used alias names to do the experiments so I remain anonymous.

Follow them closely to get really referral traffic and understanding of what you need to do to find out trigger points of various networks that you’re part of.

Forum Posting

Many bloggers talk about forum posting, and adding signatures can drive traffic to your blog.

While that does work, its not that simple.

There is a lot of work involved in generating traffic from forum posting.

My observations are that, you need to be

  • Regular poster
  • Engage in active and highly discussed forum posts
  • Showcase authority
  • Build a community around your expertise

These are some the key elements that defines, how much traffic you generate.

Without these you wont really generate traffic, but waste your time and effort on these forums.

This type of forum posting not only gets you traffic but also helps you build quality backlinks, and people will start referring you quite often now.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging today is considered as a lucrative way to build quality backlinks.

It was not long ago, that bloggers loved to guest blog because it got them a lot of visibility.

Visibility that they never had or would have been impossible to get if they had not written guest posts.

With Google panda and penguin updates, this has changed overtime. Its more about guest blogging for backlinks.

If you are looking at generating traffic from guest blogging you need to do it right.

Right, meaning, guest blog at the right places to get the right traffic.

Blogs of sites like MailChimp, SEMRush (aff link) are an excellent source of targeted visitors.

People who visit these blogs love to know more and learn more.

The chances that they click on your call to action links in the post are much higher.

There are no limitations but there are quite a few points that you need to consider before you guest blog.

  • Select a niche similar to your blog
  • Write detailed post at least 900-1000 words
  • Blogs that are engaging (Comments don’t count, But comments and replies to comment matter)
  • Perspective articles and case studies get a lot of attention

Commenting and Creating A Controversy

Simply leaving a comment on a blog might get you a few new visitors monthly, but its not worth the effort.

You will be spending hours of effort just to get an average 50 new visitors, most might not even be engaging.

How to comment and get a real flood of traffic, when I say flood I mean at least in the 1000’s.

A simply appreciative comment or a negative comment will not get you very far.

There is more to commenting, learning to create a slight stir and question everything that you do as part of your comment strategy helps.

Proving various aspects of a post wrong, or how it can impact your business.

Writing and questioning the author’s judgment will create a lot of attention to your comment and will not only get the author involved but also other commenters.

They will soon start to wonder who you are and why you talk so much.

In a way this can be good and bad, as it sort of builds a reputation for you.

If you don’t want such a reputation, its best avoided.

Submission To Social Networks

Social Networks are a great source of traffic.


Because millions of users love to spend time there to socialize and get updates from friends.

So when you get your posts or material shared on social networks, the chances are they can drive a ton of web traffic to your blog.

But, each network is different and need to be studied differently.

I love Twitter and Facebook.

Facebook is very interesting the way it works. Facebook posts are known to go viral, while twitter posts can get lost in the millions of other messages.

Post a personally written Facebook message every 6 hours was something that worked well in terms of generating clicks.

Alternatively, Facebook users are attracted to a unique set of post titles, so try and be creative to understand what are your readers like so you can get the most out of them.

Paid Traffic Generation

One of the most commonly used traffic generation methods.

This is one of the most recommended systems for businesses.

The traffic from this source if your campaigns are set correctly, is massive.

Apart from that, the traffic from paid results convert very well.

If you are selling a product or a service, this is an outstanding from of generating traffic.

Readers are often found purchasing products and services when they click on ads.

Now that you know some of the most effective traffic generation tips, what are you going to do next?

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  1. Hi Broke,

    Yes getting traffic forums is not overnight thing to do, we have to participate on active discussion forums which are related to our niche, blog commenting is another best way to bring traffic to your blog, guest blogging not yet tried.

    Thanks for sharing the information about traffic generation.

  2. Yes, that’s true. People only going to follow you on forums and comments if you are an authority. Thanks for stopping by Siddaiah.

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