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Increase Your Online Sales And Reduce Digital Marketing Spends.

Sales Is 10% Talk, 110% Marketing.

Focus on Product to Sell, Focus on Customer to Market.

Growth Marketing

Are you tired of wasting money on marketing campaigns that do not yield results?

Digital Marketing is multifaceted. SEO, Advertisement, Social Media, Content Creation, and Websites are all inter-related and attribute value, authority in the eyes of customers. As a marketing expert I come up with tailored strategies based on your current presence online, goals and priorities to achieve the best ROI possible.

Brand Marketing

Be Seen, Be Heard, Build A Brand People Are Aware

The Internet is a crowded market and it takes the right skills and tactics to stand out from the crowd. Branding has evolved into media integrated digital entities. Everything is integrated starting with videos, audio, writing, Influencer branding and more.

Search Engine Optimised For Reach

Search Engine Optimisation Has Evolved Into Integrated Digital Entities

We no longer optimise websites for search engines, we build an interconnected web of attribution, authority and value flow that indicates search engines about your position on the World Wide Web.

Marketing Data Driven

Web Analytics Enables Data Driven Marketing Decisions

From Google Analytics to heat maps to AB testing. Anything that helps you understand customer behaviour, performance and campaign efficiency; helps you grow.

Social Marketing

Customers Now Congregate on Social Media Sites.

Customers moved into the digital world and hang out on various social platforms chatting, singing, watching movies and performing various other social activities. Its time you positioned your brand where your customers congregate.

Email Marketing Personalised

Personalise Email Marketing Efforts To Drive Recurring Value

Every business sends out emails, newsletters and promotional offers. How are you different? Avoid the spam folders and gmail filters by bringing customers back to your websites through personalised emails.

Don't Wait Over Marketing

Wait No-More. Build and Grow Your Business Digitally.

If your Brick and Mortar business still does not have an online presence, it’s time you get started. From setting up a website to marketing, selling and growing your business; you can now get it all done in one place.

Smart Companies Choose Digital Marketing Experts To Build Their Online Presence


Who Is Eddie?

I’m the Founder & CEO of Weekend Launchpad.

I’ve had the privilege of working for Fortune 500 companies like Hewlett-Packard and Lennox International. They have taught me a great deal about, product, leadership and empowerment. With only my will-power and determination to make it big, I started embarking on my entrepreneurial journey.

Just like many entrepreneurs from the early 2000’s I started a blog and business venture offering SEO Services which I later sold for about $10,000.

Yes, that’s me. Enjoying my favourite brand of ice cream.


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