Transparency The Key To Successful Affiliate Marketing

Transparency is not a smart strategy, its mandatory.

If you are not committed to being transparent in your social media strategy, then you are going to face some major consequence not only from your readers online but also from the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission).

If you plan on associating your self to any brand or product, its important that you disclose any association. In October 2009, the FTC issued its first guidelines around how brands interact with social media influencers and bloggers.

Things You Can Do To Be Successful At Affiliate Marketing

1. Be transparent in your social media campaigns.

2. Disclose all association and affiliation with products, brands as necessary and required by the FTC

3. Disclose true earnings and proof of earnings

Transparency In Your Social Media Campaigns Is Key

While I write a lot about optimize your blog for performance, leads, CTR, the primary objective is all about making more money.

Since I am big fan of affiliate marketing for bloggers, I decided to write this post to highlight what you need to do to be a good affiliate marketer.

Transparency is the key to success in various aspects of your online campaign.

There is so much we do on a daily basis in social media that we fail to clearly define that we are promoting products and selling to customers.

you are most likely to sell better if you set and define the way you do affiliate business.

Every time you promote a product, let me know either in your post on your website or on your social posts, that they are sponsored or your promoting a product and will receive commission when a sale is made.

This transparency that you create builds trust with your readers and they will most likely buy your products as your not trying to decide or hide anything from them.

This is one of the most important ethical practices that any business needs.

Disclose Affiliation With Products, Brands As Required By FTC

Disclosure and declaration of affiliation and association with companies, products and brands are essential for any business.

This is becoming more and and more important for blog businesses or affiliate businesses.

With FTC making the rules strict to ensure customer safely and no false promotion happens on the web, we as bloggers need to ensure that our visitors and customers know about the products we are promoting and selling online.

Creating a separate page that talks disclosing these specifics are a great way to boost affiliate sales.

Small tweaks = Big impact.

Making these changes will ensure that your readers and customers are provided all the information they need to make a decision.

Disclose true earnings and proof of earnings

As an affiliate marketer its very important that you showcase your proof of income.

It can be tempting to lie about your earnings since on one really knows how much you make from your blog.

There was an instance when a well known blogger who actually falsified his earnings online.

Not all that long ago, A List blogger Tyrone Shum released a public video confessing his misrepresentation of his income reports. He mentioned that the guilt was getting to him and that he couldn’t face his family and friends without coming out and confessing.

These are things that will destroy your reputation as a blogger and a business.

Creating an earnings pages that allows readers to view your actual earnings with screenshots where ever possible is good and builds trust with your readers and followers.

If you do not make a whole lot of money, don’t worry. Your work will pay off soon and you will eventually make a good affiliate commission from your blog.

Do you follow these key strategy in your affiliate marketing business? If not why? I would love to hear how you do affiliate marketing and what has been the ROI.

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About Eddie Gear

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  1. I’m so happy to see you posting about responsibility and being truthful in Affiliate Marketing. I think more of us Merchants can be proactive in giving our new affiliates a “best practices” guide of sorts.

  2. Hi Eddie,
    Great post about transparency, which I’d say is important in any business. But I also wonder if you’d share some more specifics about how to be transparent particularly when it comes to social media channels. Could you suggest some things marketers should remember about being transparent when operating on, say, Facebook or Twitter? It would be great if you could share your thoughts in the comment section on BizSugar for the benefit of the whole community.

  3. Hi Eddie,

    Your post is a good reminder of how honest Internet Marketers should be.

    However, I tend to disagree with you on showing your earnings. First of all, I don’t think it’s safe and really it’s no body’s business.

    The only way I would disclose my earnings would be if it were my own product and I’m trying to show what is possible in earnings if you buy it.

    I do believe in transparency and being honest. Without these qualities, you have no business.
    Thanks for your viewpoint, opinions and facts about the FTC.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Eddie,

    Awesome post about being an honest person online and in the end it will make you successful. I think being as transparent as possible is the only way you gain a true relationship with people online. After all they don’t know you so the more transparent you are the more you will gain trust.

    One thing that I took away from this post is to let people know when I have an affiliate link in my post.

    I don’t presently do this. While I don’t try to hide it…I also don’t reveal that it is an affiliate link.

    I’m going to start doing this and see if it helps me improve my earnings. Thanks for sharing these tips, have a great weekend.

  5. It amazes me how much I see posts and no disclosures and as a Blogger, I know they were compensated especially when I too worked for that company. I always put “I received or was sent or was asked to sponsor…” in opening sentence. Then Disclosure:….. at the bottom. Cover my bases from beginning to end of post!

  6. While I agree with you on the transparency I would feel very uncomfortable sharing my earnings.


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