SEOPressor Review – WordPress Plugin That Improves Overall On-Page SEO

Honestly, I don’t really know how to start this SEOPressor Review or post. I stumbled upon a website that would do SEO analysis of your blog to tell you the level of search engine optimization that has been done on your blog. After running my blog through the tool, I realized that my blog was as low as 33% on-page search optimized. I was baffled and never realized that I had quite poor on-page optimization for my blog. I used to run WordPress SEO by Yoast and always ensured that there were no reds or oranges in the SEO analysis.

Once I knew that this was not working well, I started to do my research on what is it that was required from my end to optimize my blog for optimal performance in search engines. I’ve been creating decent content and informative as well. So I was surprised to know that my blog was not well optimized nor ranked well on search engines.

My SEOPressor Review

I recently wrote a Scribe SEO Review and you can clearly see that its a great product, but I did have a bit of mixed feelings about the tool, mainly because of the pricing. Now, that I’ve purchased and tested out this plugin that is being boasted off as “Best SEO WordPress Plugin” and “The Only WordPress SEO Plugin You Will Need”, I needed to write a SEOPressor Review. Not just because, how it increases the over on-page SEO and keyword optimization, but also because it reduces the usage of multiple WordPress plugins. This plugin allows me to add content boxes, and rating stars on search results and so much more that its like a WordPress Review Site Theme.

This is not a WordPress Review Site Plugin. Please do not be confused, but this surely does make things look so much easy and fun. The best part of SEOPressor is that is allows me to add additional keywords, optimize my blog for extended keywords. It also focuses on something called the LSI keywords, you can read more about it here.

WordPress SEO Plugin Review, Key Benefits

Some of the primary benefits this awesome WordPress plugin for SEO offers me is that is reduces the requirements of multiple plugins. This not only helps me improve my site performance, I wrote about how to increase website speed a few days back, that you can check out to increase your blog speed and blog search ranking. I’ve listed below a few of the key features and these helps me reduce the plugins that I use as SEOPressor already has them.

  • WordPress Review Widget
  • WordPress Ratings Plugin
  • Google Author Validation
  • Internal Article Linkings
  • External Link Cloaking
  • Alternative Keyword Optimization

SEOPressor Review From The Web

While you can search the web for 100′s of SEOPressor Review and learn about the various benefits and flaws in the tool, this is my review. I’ve been able to get a few testimonials for the SEOPressor WordPress plugin from bloggers in the industry.

SEOPressor Review

Ileane Smith

I think SEO research is boring and I often need a reminder to use keywords in my blog posts, that’s why I decided to purchase SEOPressor. This is a premium plugin for WordPress blogs which I find extremely easy to use.

SEOPressor Review

Brian D. Hawkins

It’s almost as if SEOPressor took those features from my checklist. I guess I’m old school but I have a checklist that I use when writing new posts. It’s pretty cool that SEOPressor helps automate some of those tasks and the check/remind feature is very nice. As usual I love your presentation.

SEOPressor Enhancements

There are quite a few things that SEOPressor as a company and a product can improve on. While I do my best to list out the things that I feel could be better if you can tell me what you would like improved.

  • Right now support is being provided only during US working hours, while the products customer base is positioned worldwide.
  • SEOPressor Internal links and external links require to have a bulk upload option for old blogs that already have loads of content.
  • Single post optimization section should have an option to be set as default, with an exception for customizations.

Now, that I’ve shared by SEOPressor review, its time for you to decide if you need a plugin like this or if you already own the plugin, then you tell me what is the best feature that you like in the tool. Off topics, do check out my post on WP Engine Review where you can simply earn over $150 per referral. Appreciate your comments and social shares.

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