Reduce Blog Expenses And Increase Revenue

I’ve been blogging for seven years now, mostly learning about how to make money blogging and how to actually do internet marketing, help businesses and so on. It was not until recently that I actually started offering services and promoting affiliated products on this blog. I even sold one of my oldest blogs GenuineSEO recently to pay off unnecessary Blog Expenses that I incurred as part of getting lost in blogging.

The sale of GenuineSEO also helped me be more focused towards what I write on this blog. I’ve been trying to find my voice with Eddie Gear Dot com and I will be taking this blog in a  direction to produce quality content, that help businesses, bloggers who are looking to learn and grow.

I wasn’t an expert when is started off, today, I work as a Social Media Analyst at one of the world largest technology company thanks to my passion for blogging and the web.If you are really interested in making money online with your blog then its important that you also learn to optimize your investment or simply reduce your investments for your blog or business. We often get so tangled up in the work we do as bloggers that we forget the money we invest in it on a monthly basis.

Reduce Blog Expenses And Increase Revenue

Optimization Formula To Reduce Blog Expenses And Increase Revenue

Before you think about How to Increase Business Revenue try and device a Business Plan to Increase Revenue by reducing blog expenses. Its very important that you understand these 5 Ways to Increase Revenue.

Reduce Cost+Reduce Investment = Increase Revenue Account

What Is Revenue Growth?

If you are looking for a general web definition for revenue growth, the this is it.

This ratio measures the percentage increase or decrease in the current year’s revenue in relation to the prior year’s revenue. It provides a relative measurement of growth against the Consumer Price Index or some other specific target of the economy or industry. This ratio is calculated by dividing Current Year’s Total Revenues minus Prior Year’s Total Revenues by Prior Year’s Total Revenues. ~

How to Calculate Revenue Growth?

Year2 – Year1 =  Revenue growth from Year 1 to Year 2.

$500,000 – $400,000 = $100,000

Growth/Year1 *100 = Growth Percentage

$100,000/$400,000 *100 = 25%

Stop All Unused Services

Trust me on this one, it can be hard to believe that you have services that you have purchased that you really don’t use anymore. When I wanted to optimize my Blog Expenses, I thought to myself what would I have as an express that I  don’t use, that’s silly. But when I really did a blog income and expenses audit, I realized that there were quite a few services that I was paying anywhere from $12 to $30 per month or per quarter. This can be quite a lot of money if you are a blogger and not a funded business. I noticed a decent increase in revenue when I cut down the services I was not using, while some might not consider it as a revenue, it still is considered as a revenue booster when you prepare the books at the end of the financial year. So take some time off and see what are all the expanse that your making on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis and if your not using any, discontinue them right away.

Stop Services With Poor Or Zero ROI

We often forget to look at the ROI that any service provides your business. I’ve been using Aweber for almost a year, It was not unlit the audit that I realized that I was never really running a newsletter nor making any money from my Aweber service plans. It was only a content delivery network for me, which a simply RSS service offered. I immediacy stopped the service as the list building aspect did not really get me anything.

If you are a blogger who is looking to make money from you list make you have everything planned out, if they are not getting you the return on investment then it’s a service you or your business does not really require at the moment. I no longer use Aweber , as I don’t really have a newsletter planned. I can sure tell you that its one of the best email marketing software available in the market today and I will one day take up their services when I have a newsletter planned.

So the point is simple, if the service does not really bring in business benefits its not worth continuing.

Optimize Blog Expenses By Choosing Best Service Plans

During times like Black Friday and special occasions, we often find businesses and series offering us some really good deals on their service offerings. The thing is that they are cheap and affordable at that moment when the deal is offered and we all step in and make the purchase.The point to note is that does your business really need such a service? Ask yourself the question, if you can downgrade or switch to something smaller or slower so that still continue your blog or the purpose it serves. If yes, then its important that you switch and save money on that.

Example, if your blog is only generating over 20,000 readers a month you would not really need a dedicated server to host your blog. A VPS hosting plan should suffice, I run my blog on InMotion Hosting VPS and they are my best recommendation to you, if you are looking for a hosting plan.

Do Not Hire Freelancers From Crowd Sourcing Sites

Hiring freelancers can get ton of work of your shoulders and free up some time for you. Keep in mind that these days freelancers extort money out of businesses that are willing to pay, while offering a mediocre or poor quality of service. There are lots of freelancers who do a wonderful job no doubt about that. But if you look at crowd sourcing sites like and your most likely to find freelancers who are not really experts in the field. So think about the people who you hire, if you find that they charge you way beyond what the market price is, stop using them right away and look for better freelancers.

Do Not Buy New Themes/Plugins Unless Otherwise Absolutely Necessary

With the constant change in products services and design. We are often found to change the way our blog or website looks. Branding is the key, that also means that you should not keep changing your theme or design every other month. Try to pick a design that well suites your blog and stick with it. This change not only affects your credibility as a blogger  but also the trust and respect that your readers have on your.

Remember that even Google has a watchful eye on sites that are constantly changing design and rankings are effected. Avoid constant changes and keep your blog focused. This has been one of the major Blog Expenses booster for me, as I’ve been constantly changing the design of my blogs, purchasing domains, new hosting providers and so on.

I hope this post “Reduce Blog Expenses And Increase Revenue” helps you optimize your blog business and increase your overall revenue at the end of the year. If you have any other suggestions, comments share them in the comment  box below.


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  1. Hi Eddie,

    It’s good to be over at this blog of yours, and it’s surely been a while since we meet once again – though am glad am here today. :)

    I agree to all that you wrote. As bloggers leading busy lives – we do tend to get lost and often lose focus on what’s really required, and our budgets too go out of hand if we don’t take care. I liked the formula you gave, and also the tips of how we can reduce our expenses.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice weekend :)

    • Hello Harleena,

      Thanks for stopping by and yes its bee a while since we had a chat. I’ve been quite busy with paying off my loans and restructuring my business. With my new blog I am excited to do great things and I hope that I am able to help bloggers like yourself and businesses make money online. Glad that you find the tips useful.

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