Part 2 Of Successful Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog

Successful Affiliate Marketing is a big part of any blogger’s monetization campaign. In order to be able to be successful making money blogging, you simply cannot ignore affiliate marketing. Affiliate marking is one of the largest and the quickest way to generate money from your blog. Successful Affiliate Marketing involves various factors, I did take you though the first 7 Successful Affiliate Marketing tips in an earlier article. Affiliate marketing is simply the process of promotion another company’s product or service and making a commission when a sale is made. Let me quickly walk you though the rest of the Successful Affiliate Marketing tips.

8. Be Transparent

One of the strong traits of a successful affiliate marketing guru is the transparency that they build over time. This transparency also builds trust and respect among readers. Some of the most common ways to be transparent is to genuinely publish your income statement on your blog, provide a true picture of your expenses and income statements. Let your readers know about simply strategies that they can follow to get traffic, make money or simply even make a discounted purchase. This brings out the genuineness in you and your readers will start to see you for who you are and your authority as a pro blogger will increase.

9. Avoid Combination With Other Revenue Streams

While its always a good thing not to put all your eggs in one basket. When it comes to affiliate marketing, what I’ve seen best is that when you mix up income streams, they tend to have a poor ROI. Meaning, its not easy to get all sorts of monetization methods incorporated in your blog. This is because other monetization methods are bound to take your readers away from your call to action to purchase.

10. Track Results

One of the most important aspects of affiliate marketing is to track your affiliate performance, both post wise as well as link wise. Its important that you track the clicks, views and also referrals to your affiliate pages. This is importance because it allows you to tweak your campaigns and optimize your post, content and links for better ROI. A Successful affiliate marketing campaign cannot be one without proper monitoring and tracking.

11. Build Your Network Before You Need It

Before you start to market and promote any affiliate products, try and offer valuable content or information to your readers. Build a healthy network of readers and you will be off to a good start in affiliate marketing. Building your network up to a standard is necessary but not a must. With that said, a network does not only pertain to your readers but also fellow bloggers and business alliances. Try and work on agreements on commissions and sales percentages that you will receive for referrals that you make.

12. Try different Mediums For A Successful Affiliate Marketing Campaign

To be really successful at affiliate marketing, you need to think a bit outside the box, yet look at options that will only get you a good return on your investments. Social media, email marketing, RSS, closed group networks are a few other places where you try and do some really good affiliate marketing. When I mention this places, I don’t mean simply put up links, but actually set up a campaign with quality content, images and videos to get your readers to do what you want them to do.

13. Multiple Promotions Of The Same Product

Marking is all about where you run your campaigns. Affiliate marketing is no different, analyse the place where you run your campaigns – come up with a kick ass plan and execute it. The key to it is not waiting for one campaign to end to start another one, its about running multiple campaigns at different locations in different styles to attract as many buyers as you can.

14. Bonuses Work

Always and always remember to offer bonuses as part of your affiliate campaign, this gives you a competitive edge over others who are  doing similar affiliate campaigns. You cannot offer anything as a bonus, but something that really ads value to the product being purchased. For example, if you are promoting a printer, offering a free ink cartridge or a photo print paper can be a real value add to increase your affiliate sales and commission.

15. Be Patient

There are times, when affiliate marketing takes time to kick in, but every successful affiliate marketing blogger will need to be patient and also focus on improving his or her efforts. Depending on the niche that you are focusing on, it can take anywhere from three months to over a year or even longer. Don’t lose hope and give up on your dreams so soon.

I hope that you enjoyed this edition of affiliate marketing tips. Do share your tips and insights into your affiliate marketing campaigns.

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