Your Internet Marketing Mix Is Essential To Business Success

It’s all about web marketing now, in order for you to be successful on the internet you need to have the right internet marketing mix. And for that you need to have the best internet marketing expert that you can get, before your competitors do. By hiring the best marketer you can afford, you are putting your business in a position to get you more leads and customers from the web.

With a large portion of time and money being spent on the web, it only goes to show that people are found to make business decisions based on reviews, suggestions and recommendations from friends and people who have used the product or service. By Marketing Business Online, your product you can get all the business that you possibly can.

While many businesses can hire marketing professional to do the job for them, for many of us small business owners hiring someone can be quite an expenditure. What best works for us is to do the job ourself to reduce costs and increase profits. In order to do that, you need to know or understand the various aspects of internet marketing and how it can add value to your business.

In this post, I will talk to you about the various aspects of internet marketing and how it can help businesses world-wide. This will help you device the right internet marketing mix.

Your Internet Marketing Mix

In order to build the right internet marketing mix, you are going to need all the online marketing help you can get. Let me talk to you about the top 5 online marketing mediums that you can use, blend, strategize to create an internet marketing mix that works for you. Remember, there is no one Suit fits all, you will need to tweak and optimize your campaign and change along with the trends to be successful online.

Top 5 Internet Marketing Mix Strategies


Blogging is one of the largest forms of online marketing. While you will find a lot of Internet Marketing Ninjas tell you that social media is where people spend most of their time. Let me tell you this, most of the links and resources shared on social networks take readers from social media to blogs, e-commerce stores, landing pages, review sites, game sites and more. Blogging being the largest platform for content creation, both business large and small are using this platform to educate and invite customers and potential customers and interested readers and analysis to share insights and get-in on the discussions. This helps businesses get more attention than what they normally would. This also sparks a wide range of promotions for the business by readers and analysts alike. Anything from social sharing, to reposting, to webinars conducted to discuss the topic will get the businesses additional attention.

Te purpose for blogs in the world of internet marketing and creating the right internet marketing mix is still very high. As a small business owner or a marketer it’s very important that you do not skip out on blogging and content creation.

Social Media

Today social media and social networking sites have grown so large for any business to ignore. Marketing on social networks is a key factor to get the business the visibility to as many people as possible. Consider this, a blog post written and kept idle, vs. a blog post written and shared on social networks. Social media sharing sites help your content and business to get viral on the web, to reach millions of readers world-wide.

To be able to be successful on social network and get the reach that you’re expecting, you need to be an online influencer, be part of communities, and constantly engaging and communicating with analysts in the field.


While newsletter is one of the oldest form of marketing, this works very well in the world of Internet Marketing Mix. Being able to build a loyal subscriber list and offering them something special, updates and progress on how the business is performing is the key to success. Offering deals and special offers to your subscribers via newsletters will not only help you to get repeat customers but also increase sales and overall company revenue. You can build a newsletter from existing customers, sign up forms on blogs and websites, sign up forms on social networks and landing pages will get more readers to sign up and receive updates from you and your business.

Banner Advertisement

Banner advertisements if done correctly can be a real boost to business online. While many analysts talk about how banner advertisements don’t work any more. its more about how poorly banner advertisement campaigns have been managed. In the world of  Network Marketing Online businesses have taken the right steps and pick the correct sites to put up their banner adverts. It’s not about cheap adverts or large banners. It’s about picking the right blogs or websites to put up your advertisements.

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are great for product based promotions. If you’re a business looking to promote its products, then its imperative that you add sponsored reviews as part of your Internet Marketing Mix. Sponsored reviews helps your products get the attention it deserves, getting reviews on e-commerce store like, will help improve sales. A majority of people who buy goods online first read user reviews before making a purchasing decision. When it comes to online buy the user review is the key to making a sale. The more positive review the higher are your chances of selling more.

While I call my self  The Online Marketing Guy, trust me everyone would have their own opinions about marketing and how it should be done. While my Online Marketing Services are limited, I would like to tell you that at any point if there is any Internet Marketing Help that you require be it Marketing Your Website Online or your products and services, do drop me a line.

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