How To Use Social Media To Generate Leads

Both small businesses and enterprise business are often faced with a perplexing problem. How to use Social Media To Generate Leads?

Your company, no matter what it does, sales is a requirement. Be it selling software, hardware or services for a diverse range of industries, you need to establish a social media presence that would drive results and fast.

But how?

There are six fundamentals that will take you one step close to success.

Define Clear Goals For Social Media To Generate Leads

If you want to generate leads using social media then don’t simply create a Facebook page just to collect “Likes” or a Twitter account to get tweets.

Define specific goals and define a content creation process that would engage your social audience, focus on joining the conversation prospects and customers were having in your field of work, and reach the influencers in that space.

If your company that sells Servers, focus on conversations that server experts would engage in or want to talk about.

Connect with server experts so that they can share their opinions about your server products.

Find the Audience

Finding the right people to communicate with can be hard, conducting a social media audit for the Server space (server is the example I used earlier), and identifying relevant posts, articles and targets to engage is a big boost to your campaign.

Targeting your focus audience will get you better ROI from your demand generation campaigns.

Pick Platforms

Rather than diluting their efforts across every available Social Media To Generate Leads, focus all your efforts on creating a brand presence on the top three relevant platforms for Server conversations.

This helps you concentrate on your conversations more and focusing on converting your readers to leads.

Identify Influencers

Creating content and publishing blog posts isn’t enough. To gain credibility and visibility you need to develop a strategy to identify and reach out to key influencers in the your space, in this example Server social space.

Leveraging tools like Klout and various other influence measurement systems helps you targeting the top 25 influencers in your industry first, and then expanded their outreach by looking at topics and keywords being discussed in the social graph related to Server.


The entire aspect of generating leads from social networks can be overwhelming.

Setting up guidelines to manage content development, social monitoring and measurement will help you stay focused.

Creating a measurement strategy and a ROI system with details like the number of leads generated and so on would be great.

With the right amount of preparation, outreach and action, you will be able to go from an average social media presence to an awesome lead system.

How have you planned your Social Media To Generate Leads for 2013?

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  1. This is great advice Eddie. And I especially believe that identifying influencers is one thing that few people are doing, but it’s very important in order to use social media as part of your business.

  2. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    Well, I have the goals part and all done (And I do have a plan, although I haven’t been following it well. Procrastination? Lack of focus, perhaps? I am certainly working on it :D).

    Each of these methods are equally important. I also think we shouldn’t stick with one strategy. We should always try and learn more, improvise upon our strategy and test it out.

    Anyways, thank you for the tips, Eddie :) I see you were experimenting with FB comments a while back (I don’t usually comment with FB comments, strictly trying to maintain blogging activities within the FB page. Unfortunately, I can’t comment using the FB page, or can I?). How did it go?


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