How To Increase Sales Once A List Is Generated

List building being one of the most essentials for any blogger or business.

List building is nothing but lead generation online.

Its the process of collecting email addresses.

In some cases name, email and phone numbers as well.

This entirely depends o the blogger or business or what their strategy is to pitch to customers once they collect the details.

There are Several Ways To Increase Sales Once A List Is Generated

Of course a list is never complete, what I meant to say was once you have enough leads you can start your selling process.

This is the part where marketing ends and the sales process begins.

While many bloggers forget or don’t even know this, continue to market to potential customers.

That is the reason their sales are not up and the revenues are quite low.

How To Increase Sales With A Soft Pitch

This is the time, you actually introduce the product to your customer.

The best way to do this is to set up an auto responder that talks about various benefits that can be derived from a particular method, or a solution to a problem.

Next let the customer know about the time and efforts your product or the product can save the customer making them more productive.

Don’t offer discounts right away.

Let the customer soak on the offer for a while.

Get A Contact Number

Once you feel that they have had enough time to think about it, you might want to ask them for their phone number if you already don’t have them.

Give the customer clear reasons and proof that you will not disturb them with unwanted calls.

Provide and make use the customers valuable time.

Once you have the customers contact number, selling become far more easier.

You can either cal the customer and sell the product yourself, or hire a virtual assistant and have them sell the product for you.

Offer Free Q&A Consulting

Another great way to sell is to offer a free Q&A session for potential customers where they can learn from you.

This is a great benefit for both, while the customers can get all their questions clarified, it gives you enough understanding of the customers concerns and make recommendations that might interest them.

Making a good sale all depends on your pitch and offer.

Make A Pitch

Making a pitch to the customer once they are introduced to the product and once you have had time to talk to them.

This brings a comfort zone between the two of you.

By now you have not only built up a rapport with the customers but also built a certain level of trust.

Its time to make your move and pitch the product to the customer.

Offer Value and Benefit

Making a pitch is not going to enough.

You need to add value and benefit that no one else offers.

Affiliate marketing has become so hard today as almost everyone wants to sell online.

It all depends on how well you can sell a product and what value you can add.

One good way to increase the chances of your sales is to tie up freebies along with product your promoting or selling.

Close The Deal

its time to make the sale.

You have had enough conversations with the customers.

Marketed enough  and pitched the product well. Its time to close the deal and make the money.

Ensure that you use strong and convincing statements in you deal pursuit.

The customer will be so accustomed by now, they are bound to purchase the product from you.

Request Testimonials

Once a sale is complete the  business does not end there.

There is more.  You can request a testimonial from the customer and their opinion that you can use to sell to more customers.

Testimonials can do wonder for you.

They also tell you more information about how much the customer likes the product.

This creates more room for business,


Its time to up-sell, offer a special discount on another product that would add value to the current product you have sold your customers.

May be support or extended warranty on the product.

Ensure the quality of the up-sell product is as good as the product you sold.

Follow these simple steps and you are sure to inrease sales.

What startegy do you apply to list bulding and selling?

Did You Know?

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Thanks, and all the best of luck to you!

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  1. Great share here Eddie and boy do I agree with this.

    Now you may know that I ask for a phone number in my opt-in list. About 50% of them give it to me and only about 50% of those actually will take my call. But those that do are pleasantly surprised that all I’m doing is introducing myself and asking if there is anything they may need assistance with at this very moment. The majority of them take full advantage of that while the others remain shocked that I called.

    I believe this is the best way to just peak their interest and let them know you are a real person here to help. That ‘s how the trust starts and from there when you do start promoting products to them they know that you won’t steer them wrong.

    By the way, I totally agree with you. Steve’s product rocks!

    Thanks Eddie and enjoy the rest of your week.


    • Adrienne, I sure can imagine how your customer must feel when you call them for the first time. Its interesting because, they do so not knowing that people are really there and can help you with your business. Most of the time its just to get information.

      But then again, if your getting contact numbers its a great way to get to talk to customers as it gives you a lot more comfort to engage and pitch if required. Good luck and yes, Steve’s book is quite interesting.

  2. Hey Eddie,

    These are some awesome tips, especially about the upsell and the testimonials. I am actually working on a product and I am currently working on my sales page for my OTO and downsell.

    These tips will definitely help me out and help me better understand how to do them properly. Have a great day.


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