Blog Monetization And Requirements That You Need To Know

Have you done blog monetization in the past?

if not, do you know the various monetization options available to you?

What are the requirements and what advertisers expect from a blog?

Blog monetization is pretty much the best way your blog can bring in regular income if you are not just blogging to market.

The general perception of a blog is a marketing tool.

To promote and market a product and to keep customers and potential customers informed about updates.

Things have changed a lot over the years, and people have really stepped into optimizing their blogs for increased revenue.

Monetizing blogs, without knowing really what the advertisers what from you can be frustrating.

This is one of the very many reasons, that most bloggers don’t make over a few hundred dollars a month.

In today’s post I will do my best to highlight some of the most frequently used monetizing blogs tips and some of the requirements or expectations from advertisers.

5 Blog Monetization Tips You Should Consider

What Is Monetization Strategy

Blog Monetization With CPC Adverts

By far one of the ways I monetize my blog most frequently and I’m sure that this also one of the monetization methods for blogs.

This monetization is so popular that even that largest blogs in the world like The Huffington Post, Tech Crunch, Mashable use them.

Google Adsense is one of the most popular platforms available that is widely used by bloggers worldwide.

While the revenue earned from CPC advertisements can vary, it all depends on your optimization techniques.

Requirements For CPC Adverts

  • High Page views.
  • Revenues are usually good, when you have a minimum of 100,000 plus pageviews.
  • Clean design.
  • Quality Content.
  • While you can have crappy content and have the ads set up, the ROI might not be as good as a blog which has quality content.

Affiliate Sales Blog Monetization

Affiliate sales or commonly known as affiliate marketing is the process of selling the products of other manufacturers or owners to earn  a decent commission.

This process quite beneficial and quite rewarding if done correctly.

Most affiliates pay anywhere from 33% to 60% commission on sales made.

In order to be a good affiliate marketer, you need to know your products and you need to know how to market and pitch at the same time.

The best way affiliate marketers success is by generating leads or building a list that they can pitch to.

Requirements For Affiliate Sales

  • Good visitor count.
  • Marketing pitch, sales pitch, List building
  • Clean design.
  • Affiliate Focused Content.

Banner Advertisements Blog Monetization

Banner advertisement is simply the process of setting up image ads on your site.

Advertisers love blogs that has a lot of page-views.

If you are a blogger who is focused on generating revenue from advertisements you should definitely start working on getting your pageviews higher. is one of the best banner advertisement networks available today, that you can try.

Requirements For Banner Advertisements

  • High PageViews
  • Clean And Neat Design
  • Niche focused content
  • Regular Updates

Direct Sales Blog Monetization

May bloggers have realized the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur and to make a healthy living.

Its not just blogging.

Blogs are simply a medium to market and promote their products to customers.

What many bloggers have dne today, is to set up business.

Meaning, create their own products, write books and so on selling directly to their blog readers.

This is an outstanding way to make solid income from or through your blog.

Your blog not only serves as a marketing platform but also as a medium to sell.

Requirements For Direct Sales

  • Build a reputation that matters
  • Create authority
  • Build a community
  • Target the audience you want to sell to

Sponsored Reviews And Paid Posts/Blog as a Job Blog Monetization

These are on the rise specially after the Google Panda and Penguin Update.

Companies and SEO agencies are out paying blogging some good money to have a featured post, a do follow link a product review and more.

However, not every blogger would get the privilege to have a sponsored post or a paid review.

But then there are quite a few important aspects that advertisers or sponsors consider before they pay you some good and easy money.

Sponsored reviews are usually reviews that have been sponsored by a company or a agency. Paid posts are very similar but are often posts that have been paid for and submitted by the company.

Requirements For Sponsored Reviews And Paid Posts

  • Build a community
  • Create authority
  • PageViews
  • Region and Demographic
  • Well designed
  • Readership

While these are not all and the only things advertisers consider before making an investment.

They are sure some of the most important aspects of blog monetization that a blogger has to consider.

So, What Is Monetization Strategy for your blog?

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  1. Hi Eddie,

    All are smart tips.

    I like Adsense. Quick and easy to set up.

    As with any approach you get what you give.

    Churn out top shelf content to get money.

    Well written post buddy!

  2. Hi Eddie,

    I have seen many posts that list the different monetizing methods but none of them give recommendation on the requirement for each method to be successful. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

  3. Hi Eddie,

    Great tips on how to monetize a blog. I used to use Adsense and still do on some other blogs. I just didn’t like the low payouts.

    I would much rather do affiliate marketing and produce my own products. I think that these methods would provide much better returns that Adsense.

    Just my two cents, thanks for sharing this info that can definitely help anyone start monetizing their site.


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