7 Simple Tips To Increase Facebook Traffic To Your Blog

We all tend to love social networks so much, it helps us keep in touch with our family, friends who are close and distant. While that is with the personal side of using social networks, there are people who use it for business as well. One such popular social network for business is Facebook. Being one of the largest social networks on the web, businesses and marketers are constantly trying to game the system. Facebook Traffic Generator to websites and blog is one of the key tasks at had for businesses. While some might be driving traffic effortlessly  some really struggle  In today’s post I will highlight some of the very simple tips that you can follow to Increasing Facebook Traffic  to your blog or website.

Facebook Traffic Tip #1 – Include Information About Your Site On Your Images

One of the most often ignored and forgotten Facebook Traffic Growth strategy is to include the site-name on the images that you post on your Facebook wall by the use of watermarks. Using basic image editors will help you add such watermarks. By making sure the text is clearly visible, yet not effecting the image, will help you drive traffic to your blog .This works best if your image is of value and is being shared a lot. As more people like the image or the informational the image offers, they are bound to find the URL on the image and visit the site to find more. Its often a best practice to maintain a repository of all such images on your website or blog, where readers can find and share it on their respective Facebook pages or profiles. Below is an excellent example of FbCoverPhoto.com that follows this technique.

FbCoverPhoto For Bloggers

Facebook Traffic Tip #2 – Become A Fan Of Other Facebook Pages And Engage

The second tip to drive Facebook traffic is to ensure that you regularly and actively engage with as much Facebook users can you can. Don’t restrict engagement just your Facebook profile or page. Try to become a fan of other Facebook pages to boost Facebook traffic to your blog or website. Like many Facebook experts suggest using your page login to leave comments to build more fans drives more readers to your Facebook fan page. This helps not only increase your fan-base but also drive Facebook traffic to your blog. Readers are most likely going to like your page, visits posts within the page and even try and visits the blog behind the Facebook fan-page.

Facebook Traffic Tip #3 – Ask Questions

In the most recent communications by Facebook page owners you will often find simple open ended questions posted to fan or readers. This helps both the blogger to understand what his or reader thinks or what or is looking to know about and it gets readers engage with you in a conversation. Its interesting that adding shortened URLs to related posts on your blog will drive Facebook traffic to your blog. Readers from social media have the tendency to visit URL or image sources from networks like Facebook.

Facebook Traffic Tip #4 – Post Regularly

Having something to talk about or simply share on social networks is important. This is because people who are on social network are there to engage, communicate and socialize with others. When it comes to social media marketing, don’t forget the primary reason social network like Facebook was built, its to socialize.

Facebook Traffic Tip #5 – Brand Your Profile And Promote

Your fan-page is of the utmost importance when it comes to driving Facebook traffic to your blog. While its not the only thing, its the most important thing. Readers and fans build a certain perspective of what to expect from you based on how well you brand your  Facebook fan-page and the type of information that you share. For a very less investment you can get some creative banners designed for your Facebook cover and profile pictures. Here is a very interesting article on thenextweb about how to brand your Facebook fan-page.

Facebook Traffic Tip #6 – Focus On Visual Content

Visual content is something that seems to work like a charm. Is there any time while your on Facebook that you have not noticed an image, cartoon, or quotes? I guess not. There are loads of network that share images, infographics and more. By trying to keep the content as relevant as possible is a good thing, its always better not to drift too far away from shore. One of the most admired online influencers who follows most of these tips is Guy Kawasaki, do become a fan on Guy on Facebook is you really want to learn and become an influencer yourself. Apart from that you will even learn to become a better marketer.

Facebook Traffic Tip #7 – Include Links To Your Website In All Posts

Always and always include a link back to your blog in your Facebook post. Using tools like BufferApps that make it easy to post on your fan-page, Facebook Traffic Growth can become a little bit more easier. Being posting images, videos or simply quotes, including a link back to your blog where you a list of all such quotes, images and or videos will drive Facebook Traffic by Hour to your site. By adding social buttons next to each of the quote or images will take the marketing cycle a whole new circle. The more the people share the images, quotes and message, the more people will visits your blog.

Now that I’ve shared my 7 best Hyper Facebook Traffic System. What are your tips?

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  1. Great tips, thanks for sharing. Posting regularly is also one good option.

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