6 Steps To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

Ever wondered what would happen if you did not get search traffic or if your blog search rankings were poor? With the Google Panda update, Penguin update or the most speculated Google DoFollow Penalty striking content creators and businesses world wide, the only thing you have to your benefit it to make your content or marketing material go viral on social networks. To really understand how  YouTube Videos Go Viral, we need to take a good look and analyse the videos that got the attention of the millions world wide.

Here are the 2 YouTube Viral Videos that I’ve taken into consideration for analysis.

The gangnam style video went so viral that even companies like EMC created a version of the video, that you can view here.

Even though some might find the actions in the Harlem Shake video offensive, it only goes to show that crazy things go viral on YouTube.

6 Steps To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

While these are not the only 6 things that can make your video go viral, Its been noted that these 6 tips can help you replicate YouTube viral video success.

Make A List Of Top YouTube Influencers To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral

Before you even start working on a video or a digital media marketing material, you need to try and get a list of YouTube influencers who will help your YouTube videos go viral. This can be easy or a tedious task based on the budget your ready to invest in this campaign. If you are a large company, it can be considered as part of your marketing R&D. Or you can simply hire someone at Elance.com or even Freelancer.com to prepare the list for you. Alternatively, you can talk to social analytics companies that offer influencer measurement solutions and purchase the influencer list for a one time fee.

Create Videos That Can Be Replicated (Multivariate) Check Other YouTube Viral Videos For Example

Videos like the Gangnam style and Harlem shake have changed the way digital media or Content Marketing is done. To Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral is every internet marketers dream. Today, its no longer a dream, simply creating something that can be replicated in all forms of life is one of the key elements that gets a video go viral on YouTube. Creating videos can be easy, but they don’t necessarily go viral – creating something that can be replicated can help a video go viral and reach millions. This works well for videos because, more people to get to see varied versions and other would like to create similar videos as well.

Create Videos That Are Wacky And Good Background Score

The best part of these viral videos is that they are not the traditional and well edited or well directed video. Creating something wacky with good music or sorts get the videos the attention they deserve. While I listed 2 YouTube Viral Videos, they are not the only ones available. Try doing a search on YouTube “Viral YouTube Videos 2012″ or “Viral Videos YouTube 2011″ or “Viral YouTube Videos List” to find out other crazy videos that went viral and see how you can creates something that will get the attention your business well deserves.

Have Top Bloggers In The Industry, Blog About It

Being is good books with top bloggers or having sponsoring top bloggers in the industry write about your videos and your marketing technique can help get the additional attention that it requires. If you are a business who is trying to replicate video virality, then stop asking how do I make my video viral instead understand how it works. Its also important that you already have a list of top bloggers who can drive millions of readers to your blogs. Think of blog networks like Lifehacker and similar sites that talk about a varied range of things. Remember, you are trying to create virality and its not something that happens naturally.

Tip Off Top News Sites Like Mashable, NYT

Its important that you tip off sites like Mashable.com and the NYT  about how your YouTube viral video got millions of views over a short period of time. This shows that monitoring and analysis of videos is very important to get others involved in talking about your YouTube viral video. This is something that you need to do apart from having top bloggers talking about it.

Keep Your Video Short

If you watch closing most viral videos are quite short and not very long. keeping your videos under 2-3 mins is something that will get all the attention of the viewer if its wroth it. if your video has what it takes to go viral on YouTube  then the viewer will spend the few mins to watch the entire video. if its longer the viewer is most likely to lose interest. Focusing on creating catchy, wacky, creative music and short videos that will get the viewers attention and time to focus on what your video is about.

Now, that I’ve shared my analysis, what are you going to do to Make Your YouTube Video Go Viral? Use the comments section below to share your views.

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  1. Thanks, but you haven’t gone into the reasons, why’s or how’s to get these things happening. Of course these 6 steps are necessary, but how does one get to ‘the influencers’ or why ‘make a list’ of them? Also how would one go about ‘tipping off sites such as mashable? or reach ‘top bloggers’ about the video? These types of organizations or individuals aren’t simply going to support a random video to make it go viral… One again, valid points, but not enough information to make it usable. No disrespect intended.

    • Hi Jenny, Thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the post, you can contact freelancers who will get you the list of purchase an influencer list from social platforms offering influencer ranking services. You make a list so that you can talk to get or get into an agreement so that they would promote your video. The objective of this post is to help marketers make their video’s go viral or replicate video virality. Most of the top blogs and news networks have, submit a tip or submit a news option somewhere on their sites. And when you going to contact them, your video has already got some good attention and also has different versions being created. This will give the networks a good reason to write about it and make it more popular.

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