5 Ways To Influence People Online

A few days ago I wrote about how authority is the primary focus in 2013. While authority is still the key, millions of bloggers still do not understand what it takes to be authoritative in the online world. You can be an expert in the field, but if you are not doing the right things you will not influence people online. Having an influence over other people’s decision can be a very strong skill, that can go a long way. Both as a blogger and a professional or even a business, you need to understand what it takes to influence people online or your customers or readers.While there are a lot of things that makes a personal influential or have an influence, there are a few basic traits that you will need to develop to become an influencer. Lets take a closer look at what makes you authoritative online.

#1 Become Genuinely Interested In Other People

Being genuinely interested in other people’s interest can be a good thing. You don’t have to run around people to cater to all their needs all the time. But to have a focus at addressing your readers or clients interests can be a very good thing for business. This helps build trust, respect and authority over your subject matter. You become a better person as an individual by offering advice, service, consulting for people who really deserve it. Community building is essential for anyone who is looking at building authority and credibility with people.

#2 Be A Good Listener To Influence People Online

Another trait that every influencer or authority has online is to be able to listen to what others have to say. It does not matter how stupid or silly or right or wrong, what matters is that you listen to your readers and clients and do your best to help them out. Caring for others can be a plus when it comes to selling better and winning over individuals. What can do you as a blogger to listen better? Leave a suggestion box on your blog allowing readers to simply pick your brain, conduct Google Hangouts where you can meet up with people across the globe to simple talk about the subject your good at. Addressing others concerns or questions can prove your capability as a blogger and a pro.

#3 Encourage Others To Talk About Themselves

Before you can encourage other people to talk about themselves freely to you, you need to be able to show some interest in other people, listen to their needs and requirements. Once you are able to focus on what your readers want more than what you want, you will come to realize that you are building a community or a relationship with your readers. Once your able to build a healthy community, its quite simple to get people to talk about their requirements and what they want, like, their goals and more. Offering them ethical bribes( e-books, themes, plugins and stuff that makes work easier for them daily) can be a big  boost and will soon have people opening up to your to share their views, perspectives and what not.

#4 Talk With Other Person’s Interests In Mind

Every time you blog or do a podcast about something keep the readers interest in mind. This highlights the fact that you are interested in what your readers want, you have been listening to their conversations and requirements and you encourage and motivate them. This is one of the most important aspects of being an authoritative personality in the online world of marketing or blogging. Some of the successful minds online will be able to share their expert opinion and why community matters to build a brand around what others simply call a company. Its really the authority or the influence one builds over the years in the field.

#5 Make Other People Feel Important – And Do It Sincerely

By giving your readers the due importance that they deserve, you tend to build real trust. When you are sincerely and genuinely interested in your readers and make them feel important and as part of your growth as a blogger you also become important to them. They will soon turn to you for advice on blogging or whatever your area of expertise is. You as a reader are very important to my success, use the comments box below and tell me what’s your most hardest to accomplish as a blogger.

if you are looking for additional information on Influencing people, do checkout Dale’s book at Amazon.com. A major part of this post and more information is detailed in the book. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Roy Filer says:

    Hi Eddie, I like what you’ve discussed here and it’s a great insight. However, I’m not sure whether you get anyone to proofread your articles, but I found this one difficult to read properly due to lack of punctuation. It disrupts the flow as I try to translate it. It wasn’t just one or two mistakes, but many, mainly the lack of an apostrophe —a subtle punctuation mark with a huge impact on meaning. If it’s not there for contractions, it changes the sentence (sometimes it doesn’t make sense); if it’s not there for possession, it also changes the sentence (and also sometimes doesn’t make sense). Hence the need for translation and longer time to read it.

    I hope this is useful. I understand time is tight when submitting articles. I look forward to your next insight.

    Kind regards.

  2. Looks to me like most of these tips came straight from Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” You might consider proper attribution, especially as it’s a widely ready book. Not doing so makes you look anti-authoritative, and more like a plagiarist.

    • Thanks a lot for pointing out the book by Dale. I had no idea that there was a book like that and also that pretty much has most of the post I wrote here. All the information from this post is something that I researched off the web. its surprising that they are so relevant. I will add a disclaimer and a reference to Dale’s book, so he gets credit, even though I did not mean to copy his work. Thanks For pointing that out.

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