4 Little-Known Factors That Could Affect Your Blog Search Ranking

We all know how much Google loves blogs because of the feature to have updated content available regularly. While we know about the various factors that affect blog search ranking there are a few often overlooked factors that could affect your blog search ranking. While you focus on Optimizing Your Blog, meta tags and backlinks, try and include the following as part of your SEO strategy. You will surely see a change in the way your blog is viewed by Google’s spiders and you will soon see a change in blog search ranking for your blog.

Lets take a closer look at the factors that can affect your blog search ranking -

Site Speed Boosts Your Blog Search Ranking Big Time

If you don’t already know Google loves sites that load fast. Quite recently some of my sites have not been loading too fast. And it was a few things that was effecting performance. To Ensure that my side loaded fast I took a few steps -

  • I moved my site to InMotion VPS Hosting
  • I powered all my blogs with the StudioPress Genesis Framework And Themes, while keeping the look and feel that I wanted
  • Used generic fonts (Avoid importing fonts using CSS)
  • Reduced java-scripts
  • Removed unnecessary plugins
  • Set Up W3 Total Cache
  • CDN is a good option if you can afford it
  • Reduce 404 errors

Here is a detailed and a very interesting Infography from Neil Patel that tells you more about Google and Page Speed.

Blog Search Ranking
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout

Over Optimization Affects Your Blog Search Ranking

This is a very common problem if you are outsourcing your SEO efforts. Most often you will find SEO experts focusing too much on keywords and at a point start stuffing keywords in your blog. The usage of keywords and also various other on-page and off page SEO is very crucial to your blog search ranking. So its of utmost importance that you focus on the right strategy.

Here are a few things that I took care of as part of over optimization my blog. While this was not intentional, you need to keep track of all the factors that might have an influence on your blog’s rankings.

  • Backlinks from irrelevant sources
  • High keyword density
  • Excessive interlinking
  • Too Many H1 Tags
  • Too many redirects
  • Duplicate content within the blog

Posts Lengths

One of the most often or ignored aspect of a blog post is the post length. Depending on how long your post is your blog search ranking will be affected. If you take a look at some of the top posts that rank on search engines they are an average of 2000 words long. While a lot of blogs write short posts, they are mostly news sites and get good traffic because of that. However if you look at blog search ranking they are not very good. While there are various factors that Google will use to consider your post as quality content, post length is one of them.

Internal Linking

Another important aspect of blog search ranking being affected is because of how you interlink your blog post and various other links in your site. Use auto linking plugins to create links for the same set of keywords, using too many links per post or page, not linking images properly are some of the main things that can have an impact on your blog search ranking.

Create proper permalinks, navigation links and post level links to improve your over all rankings. Linking only relevant content both external and internal can improve search rankings to a great level. This is because when spiders crawl your blog, they know that the links are all relevant.

I am sure that there are other factors that I am yet to discover to improve rankings. If you know something that you tweaked and improved your search rankings do share it in the comments.

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  1. Very nicely done, I would like to add consistency…many do not realize that if you have long gaps in posting, the crawlers will delay coming back to your site. There is so much that involves good SEO. I see quite a bit of duplicating page titles and descriptions. Great job, subscribed

  2. Very well written post. I stopped thinking about keywords a couple of weeks ago and focused more on building relationships through social media.

    My goggle ranking has shot up, bounce % has dropped, followers, shares and retweets have gone through the roof. And daily visitors gone from low double figures to mid treble.

    So my advice would be… socialise.

    • Liza, that’s really awesome. From what I’ve read, I noticed that Google and Bing have been betting a lot on social media. However, its still quite hard to quantify in terms of what is required to affect search rankings. I would love to hear your strategy sometime.

    • Stratergy is simple Eddie, talk to people!

      Share other peoples content, triberr is good for that, read first though you wanna share good stuff. Thank people who share or mention you.

      On networks follow quality, niche related people.( thats a whole blog post to write.)

      Leave comments on great articles, mentioning author by name, but have something worthwhile to say.

      Over time you’ll be noticed and peeps will be wanting to see/share your posts.

      Oh and don’t sell on social media, its annoying and doesn’t work. Instead write a good review on your blog that links to sales page, put the review url out on networks.

      I’ll put all this in my next blog post!

      • Some excellent tips there Liza, Appreciate you sharing your tips here. I would love to see your post when its published, Do let me know and I will give a shout out to my followers about the post.

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