25 Networks That Pay You To Write Reviews

It was over a while ago that I wrote about Blogs That Pay You To Write. If you are a profession blogger or a freelance writer, this list can help you make some good cash. Ever since I wrote that article, I got a few other emails from readers asking me if it was possible for me to publish a list of networks that would pay bloggers and writers for reviews. I’ve done my research and decided that I should publish this list of networks that pay writers.

Often Student Writing Book Reviews or students Get Paid to Do Reviews don’t know much about how to Write Review On Google. There is a lot of work involved in understanding what is required and what is needed to do to rank on Google and also get paid at the same time. The best part about writing reviews for networks like the ones I’ve listed below is that, you can Write Reviews for Businesses, LeapFrog Scribble and Write Reviews, and even Write at Home Reviews.

While these networks might not pay you much, they do pay considerable amount and for some writers its worth the effort.

3 Tips To Writing Reviews For Networks

Write Genuine Reviews

Being honest with your review is a great way to get more reader and visitors to your blog as well as to get paid appropriately. Sometimes product owners might not feel right about your reviews or might require you to write a positive review, these are the ones you have to avoid as it does not allow you to voice your views. By writing genuine reviews, you build trust and respect with your readers. This also help you increase revenue and affiliate sales that might be tied to your review.

Set A Certain Standard And Expectation To Networks That Pay You To Write Reviews

Define your standards and expectations clearly by doing only legitimate review and skipping all bogus ones. Once you have done enough reviews, build a partnership with the network so you can be sort of a VIP reviewer and get paid additionally while you give them a small commission for recommending you. This will help you to get better and professional deals. This also increases your credibility as a reviewer.

Pick A Niche And Stick To It

The third most important part of being a good reviewer and getting enough gigs to make the cash, you need to pick a niche (preferably the one that pays well :) ) and stick to it. Writing about varied tipics can often make things difficult for both the readers and also for you to get the right gigs and the well paying ones. By focusing on a target audience the chances are that you will get more, better and even the right ones that suit you the best.

25 Networks That Pay You To Write Reviews

  1. Sponsored Reviews
  2. LinkWorth
  3. Review Me
  4. Shvoong
  5. PayPerPost
  6. Be A Guide
  7. BlogBurner (Closed)
  8. Bloggerwave
  9. Blogitive
  10. Blogsvertise
  11. Blog To Profit (Closed)
  12. BOTW Media
  13. Creative Weblogging (Closed)
  14. DayTipper
  15. Digital Journal
  16. Helium
  17. In Blog Ads
  18. LoudLaunch
  19. Squidoo
  20. Weblogs Inc
  21. Wise Bread
  22. B5media
  23. Blogging.org
  24. DemandStudios.com
  25. Constant-Content.com

I’ve avoided providing you with a network overview, as you will eventually check out the network before you sign up. I hope that you are able to make more money as part of your online money making venture.

I hope that you liked the list of 25 Networks That Pay You To Write Reviews. If you have already submitted content to these networks That Pay You To Write Reviews and made some good money, do let us know your best tip.

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