22 Design And Development Blogs That Pay You To Write

There are millions of bloggers out there who are looking to make money from Blogs That Pay You To Write. Starting your own blog is not the only way you can make money blogging. There are various ways one can make money online, based on your skill-set and what is your strong suite  This post covers one of the best list of Web Design Development blogs that pay you to write. Website Design and Development Blog Sites That Pay and are the best places to write.

3 Tips To Get Paid Writing For Blogs

Each of the blogs listed below have their own guidelines and rules for guest post submission. With that said, what is required from your part to ensure that your post gets through? This post contains 3 tips to get your post accepted.

Blogs That Pay You To Write articles that are of the utmost top quality

We all know that everyone expects high quality article. But what blogs like these expect is something that most bloggers miss out. To make the best out of your guest post submission, write an article that you could otherwise sell as an ebook for $19 on Amazon.com. Don’t simply think of it as a guest post, but think of it as a solution to a problem statement that no one else was able to come up with in the past. With this kind of a vision and view towards your article, you are bound to produce only the best work for money because these  blogs that pay you to write.

Add a unique perspective to your material submitted

Taking a unique view/perspective with the way you approach your article is very important. When you look at things from a different angle  its gives the reader a lot more to think about. These blogs love it when you can do something differently and even better if you can achieve better results with your approach.

Be creative create own images and videos

One thing when it comes to guest articles submitter for cash is that the content provider often restricts him or herself to written text. This is something that a content provider should refrain from. Try and create videos, your own images explaining concepts, ideas and tricks that makes things easy to follow and learn from. Offer free recorded webinars that readers can download as part of the tutorial. Offering credits for tweets with templates as part of the article is also a great way to get your post accepted.

22 Design & Development Blogs That Pay You To Write

  1. 1stWebDesigner
  2. Audio Tuts+
  3. Crazy Leaf
  4. Developer Tutorials
  5. HV Designs
  6. InstantShift
  7. Most Inspired
  8. Net Tuts+
  9. Noupe
  10. PhotoshopTutorials
  11. Pro Blog Design
  12. PSD Tuts+
  13. PVM Garage
  14. Pxleyes
  15. Sitepoint
  16. Smashing Magazine
  17. Spyre Studios
  18. Theme Forest
  19. TheTechLabs
  20. UX Booth
  21. Vector Tuts+
  22. WP Web Host

I’ve avoided providing you with a brief overview about the company or the blog, as you will eventually check out the blog before you submit your post. I hope that you are able to make more money as part of your online money making venture. One alternative way to find Article Sites That Pay is to do a Google search for “Write for us”. Alternatively you can do what I do, I Write Blogs for Pay, like this blog is something I own, I monetize and it pays well.

I hope that you liked the list of 22 Design & Development Blogs That Pay You To Write. If you have already submitted content to these Blogs That Pay Money and made some good money, do let us know your best tip.

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