4 Reasons No One Visits Your Blog

I know that you are passionate and eager to make money blogging. While we all know that its not as easy as everyone says it to be, we decide to venture into this new stream of building Your Blog for financial benefit. Once we start to blog all excited about it, its not too late by the time we realize that its too much work and we hardly have any visitors. Instead of giving up right away like every other blogger, why not do a little analysis of why you don’t have any readers or affiliate sales.

Here are some of the most common reasons you don’t have visitors to your blog.

Your Blog Posts Are Not Relevant

The first and the foremost reason why your not gaining readers or readers are leaving your blog more often because your not being relevant to the topic of choice.  WHlie its quite common for a novice writer to lose track of the subject he or she is writing about, its also important for you to focus on your writing and produce quality content. There are millions of bloggers out there, some good, some bad and some extra-ordinary and some really unique and stand out.

How can you stay relevant while writing a blog post? You might ask. Its quite simple I’d say.

To stay focused on the topic at hand its important to write about one subject and have your table of contents clearly defined before you write your post. What your post should contain, what each section should focus on and images and everything. Once you are able to do that, all you have to do is simply follow the direction and your on your way to a well written post.

Your Blog Posts Are Not Useful

Ask yourself a very important yet simple question. Why do you produce content? and what do you expect the reader to get out the particular piece of article. Once you are able to do this, you will come to know what your article really provides to the reader. Is it of any use to your readers? If not, please avoid writing such articles. These are nothing but articles that chase your readers away instead of drawing them further into your blog.

Blogs are primarily created as a source to curate information and share it on the open web. To be able to help people who lack the knowledge and be as a source of knowledge and information.

You Have No Voice

The third most important reasons that no one readers your blog as often as you wish is because they believe that you do not have your own voice. Be it in writing or the information that you share. Try to build a unique voice while communicating information to your readers. Here is an excellent source where you learn to build your own writing voice. Alternatively you can also check out this awesome book at Amazon.com

Having a writing voice is like identifying yourself through your writing. When people read an article across the web, they would reminded of you, because they know only you can write that way. Apart from that, your unique perspective will add loads of value to your writing and style. So its important that you focus on your writing voice.

Your Blog Posts Are Not High Quality

Remember how some people write poor grammar  sentence structure and at times not make any sense. Yes, when you are able to meet all those criteria and write something that adds no value to your reader, then your post is considered as low quality. When there is not much information that is being shared about the topic then your post is of low quality. While you can work to fix these simple aspects of your writing you can start to produce more high quality posts. If you want to proof read, spell check and correct sentences, for a starter I suggest Microsoft Word. While its not the best tool in the market, Its a good place to start.

Now that I’ve shared some of the things that can keep your readers off your blog. Are you ready to work on trying and making your readers stick? What else would you do differently to keep readers coming to your blog? use the comment from below to share your views.

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  1. I generally agree with practically everything mentioned. Another key reason nobody visits your blog is because no one knows you exist. If you’re making the best pizzas in the world in a dark alley that no one visits, you’ll have few customers. Site optimization, social media and promotion allow others to sample your delectable writing talent.

    As an aside, it seems whenever someone posts a condemnation against bad grammar on the web, they become an object lesson in the same. I am not the grammar police but I read through at least four instances of such errors in this article — capitalization, multiple spacing, tenses.

    • Appreciate your comments Kevin. As for the errors in the post in terms of grammar, its because I’m not very good at writing. But, I’m someone who believe if you do something for so long you would get good at it. I do my best to write and write well. And every time someone points out an error, I learn from it and try and avoid such errors in the future.

  2. Great posts with relevant points especially for the beginner blogger. Many of this I had to learn on my own, but you’ve broken it down for *all* bloggers. Thanks for the info.

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